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Get Ready for The Next Event!

Alligna specializes in individual exhibition booths at home and abroad and offers a complete package with among others stand construction, furniture, lighting, plant decoration, logos, lettering,...


At Alligna, we see stand building as a complete concept. And we do this at trade fairs both at home and abroad. We will handle every facet of your stand:

  • Structural elements (modular, matrix, and truss construction)
  • Lighting
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Decoration and furnishings (plants, carpets, showcases, etc.)
  • Furniture
  • Logos and lettering

We understand that your stand should stand out and be enticing . That is why we build stands that combine exclusive appeal while showing the appropriate image. Our stands attract visitors, and they pay for themselves in no time.

We tailor our work to realise your wishes. Whether you have a concept or only a vague idea, we will help you realise it. Our experience ranges from classical information stands to experiential installations, and even extravagant spectacles. Whatever setup or approach you have in mind, we will make it come true!
Alligna is a powerful force in modular stand building, matrix systems, and truss constructions.

  • Modular stand construction – we will make exactly the stand that you had in mind using pre-made modules that are very diverse and versatile. All the components fit perfectly to make a unified unit. Unusual and previously unseen forms that make your stand tempting, inviting and attractive will inspire curiosity and attract visitors.
  • Matrix stand systems – we mount Forex® and/or textile panels seamlessly, and in any desired format. This system is so quick to assemble that it is easy to modify in very little time. This offers unprecedented flexibility in creating a quirky, original stand that visitors (and competitors) will not have seen before.
  • Truss construction – reach for new heights and make sure visitors will see your stand from any point in the fair. Long steel trusses allow wide spans. Your stand can be up to six metres in height. And lighting mounted in the trusses will ensure that there are no shady spots on your stand. Truss construction allows an open, attractive stand that is a magnet for visitors.

Below, you can see some examples of stands we have realized. Please feel free to contact us for more information, without any obligation.